I am Hayim Oshky

I am the president of Higher Ways Publishing LTD (est 2003). I am also an entrepreneur, health advocate, speaker, author and poet.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Hayim is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Highly recommended!

We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way Hayim conducts his business. It has been a great experience working with him and it’s already certain that we will hire him again.

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Digital Publishing

My company will publish your e-books, digital magazines, and develop digital libraries and catalogs with a our uncompromising quality and professionalism. We also offer copy writing, direct response marketing, ,
affiliate program development and management, responsive design and distribution of your work.

Web Development

My company provides Web, Mobile & Engineering (Server/ Client side, web, java, front-end,  NoSql, NodeJS, angularJS, .NET, SQL, PHP, C ++, mobile), Technical Support, Installation, Upgrades, QA and Automation & Performance ñ (HP, MS and Open Source testing solutions).


We author books, manuscripts, scripts, screenplays, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers, or other texts in English, French, Italian, Spanish or Hebrew that we can credit to you.


We provide state of the art web design which is also compatible for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, netbook, Kindle ó and all screen resolutions.

Social Media

Our veteran internet marketers can help you build a reliable campaign to generate warm and constant targeted traffic through social media. We will cover all facets of social media marketing, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin and YouTube.

24/7 Support

Our experienced staff are available seven days a week (excluding U.S holidays) and are ready to help address any queries or technical concerns you have! We want to make sure that you are prepared to pursue and achieve your publishing goals.

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